Preservation Stories

May 2012

Over the last three decades, we've traveled to every corner of Vermont providing encouragement as well as technical and financial support. We've gotten to know many communities that are successfully working hard to save and reuse their historic buildings. We see story after story of how people have come together to rescue and reinvent a dilapitated building, a struggling village store, a deteriorated bridge, a vacant church and more. In a world chock full of bad news, these stories of real people doing real things for Vermont are a true inspiration.

Now, in an effort to share and celebrate these stories with everyone, we are pleased to launch PTV's Storytelling Project. Following are five short movies that highlight how preservation happens in Vermont. In each movie, a passionate group of individuals who believe deeply in the importance of our historic places rally around very different projects, and, with the help of the Preservation Trust of Vermont, successfuly save them for future generations.

Do you have a great preservation story to tell? Let us know, and you can be part of this new section of our website where we plan to share stories from the field.