An open letter to H. Lee Scott Jr., CEO of Wal-Mart

Dear Mr. Scott,

We, all Vermont residents, care deeply about our communities and state. We love the Green Mountains, the open fields farmed by generations of families, and our downtowns and village centers – places where we can shop, do our daily business, celebrate, and meet our friends and neighbors.

While there are many Vermonters who are eager for you to build more stores in the state, there are many residents who would prefer that Wal-Mart stay away.

We're not opposed to Wal-Mart. We believe there is a reasonable compromise.

Please do as you did in downtown Rutland: build smaller scale stores in our other downtowns. It’s a solution that meets consumer needs, strengthens the downtown, and is small enough so that homegrown businesses can survive. We ask that you fit in to Vermont’s landscape and economy.

Thanks for your consideration.

Yes, please add my name to this open letter!