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7: Peeling Paint
10: Insulation Retrofit, Window Weatherstripping, Brick Wall Exposing
11: Plaster on Brick, Window Sash Tracks, Replacement Window Glass
13: Door Panels, Plaster on Brick, Lime Mortar
14: More on Mortar, Old House Inspectors, Sources for Old House Products
15: Window Moisture, Bathroom History, Water Damaged Flooring
21: Windows, Saving Buildings
22: Sound Control, House Moving, Column Bases
23: Sandstone Foundation, Pocket Doors
24: Cleaning Barn Timbers
26: Gutters
27: Ten Tips for New Owners of Older Homes
28: Interior Storms
29: Painted Beadboard, Pumping Mortar
30: Window Condensation
31: Stripping Painted Floors
32: Chimney Flue Lining
33: Floor Finish, Boring Bugs
34: Exterior Paint and Clapboards
35: Gutter Talk
36: Piano Load, Lockset Cleaning, Plaster Repairs
37: New Hope for Endangered Windows


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