A Special Offer from Gordon's Window Shades

Gordon's Window Decor

To: Historic Property Owners

From: The Preservation Trust of Vermont

A great way to save energy and save money! A special offer on Gordon's EcoSmart shades...

As you know, we think historic windows are really important. Historic windows are the eyes of a building. The size of the pane, the profile of the muntin, and the joinery provide clues to date windows, tell a building's history, and are an important part of the beauty of historic buildings. Yet, historic windows are disappearing at an alarming rate, often because property owners think they can only get energy savings with replacement windows.

We understand that owners of historic properties often struggle with energy efficiency issues. In the past few months we have become familiar with a Vermont-made product that will help save energy.

EcoSmart shades from Gordon's Window Decor have been tested and have received a rating of an R-4+, so that the combination of a weatherized historic window, a good quality storm window, and an EcoSmart shade will yield in the range of R5.5+. Clearly this is a significant improvement over a storm window and historic window combination as well as an improvement over thermo-pane replacement windows which generally yield an R value of R2.5-R3. Unlike replacement windows, the combination of storm, historic window, and an EcoSmart shade offers the potential for harvesting solar gain during the day.

For more information, check Gordon's Window Decor website.

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Williston, VT 05495

If you are interested in exploring the purchase and installation of EcoSmart shades, mention the Preservation Trust and you will receive a 15% discount off of their normal commercial rates. This is a special offer available to non-profit organizations, homeowners, and businesses related to our historic preservation efforts.

The Preservation Trust receives no commission on the sale of this product--we're sufficiently impressed with this product and it's potential for saving historic windows that we wanted to let everyone know!